when it's cold out

 Photos by myself and Emiliano Sune

1. ferry from Genova to Sardegna
2. overlooking Maria Pia beach
3. overlooking Maria Pia beach
4. spiaggia Argentiera - silver beach. SPF/UPF hat, Eres top, Pucci bottom
5. the open Mediterranean Sea
6. the open Mediterranean Sea
7. dream waterfront house in old town Alghero on "lungo mare" strip
8. ancient Roman town Tharros: ruins all the way into the sea buried under water
9. more Tharros
10. Sella & Mosca winery tour
11. Grotte di Nettuno - Caves of Neptune
12. boat shuttle to the Grotte
13. view of Alghero's seawall and old town
14. Stintino beach - Lenny swimsuit
15. Stintino beach
16. Stintino beach
17. Stintino beach
18. waves and sun
19. fresh organic figs from the tree
20. sunrise heading back to Genova port

Around this time of year the novelty of colder weather begins to slowly wear off. Looking through pictures of this past summer holiday in Sardegna and feeling very grateful for the time spent in that warm swimming water...


knit suit

TSE cashmere skirt suit, Comme des Garcons for H&M shirt, Moschino bow belt,
Ophelie hats bow headband

There's something delightfully unconventional about a skirt suit done in a cashmere knit. I like the irony of what is traditionally a classic and physically constraining garment done in a material that renders it warm and fluid: an outfit to happily spend the entire day in.  
Photos by Emiliano Sune


of the block

Vintage unknown dress, Pollini leather jacket, Geox boots, furry collar

As a member of the red hair population - heard of the 2%? - I've often been told that with regards to certain colours - I'm looking at you hot pink - it's best to take a pass and let the 98% have the crazy colour fun... (Hot pink post coming up next week). Treading brightly but delicately in orange territory to avoid conjuring any pumpkin imagery, I found this dress in a Victoria BC vintage store last year. I immediately thought "MARNI!!" I like the minimalist structured cream top - which is actually a physical overlay with the orange attached to a sheer mesh-like structure underneath. And we have instant colour blocking...  
Photos by Emiliano Sune


fall drive

Pollini leather jacket, D&G wool dress, Comme des Garcons for H&M shirt,
Missoni stockings, Cole Haan pumps

This look is a little bit school-girl prep but the leather jacket adds a bit of "let's go drive this vintage Fiat 500 to lake Como with the windows down and the heat on" edge. 

Photos by Emiliano Sune


plum knits

Missoni sweater, Sportmax silk peplum, Pollini leather trousers, Comme des Garcons for H&M shirt, Carol Tannenbaum Vintage Collection necklace, Moschino handbag, Geox boots

I wanted to focus on this lovely loose-knit vintage Missoni sweater. I love the many shades of purple it has woven in - cozy and dimensional.

Photos by Emiliano Sune


the trenches of Casablanca

two vintage trenches, leather boots with strass detail from Italy, Gina Tricot headband,
H&M feather clip, Calvin Klein mens shirt, linen pants from Italy

A special set of photos with my love at the aviation museum, shot by Georgie Wilson and Jesse Holland. We wanted to pay homage to the airplane theme of our long distance relationship that has seen us taking many trips between Canada and Italy. What could be more fitting and romantic than these riveted old aircraft and two vintage trench coats?


romantify the leather

Pollini leather jacket, Comme des Garcons for H&M sheer ruffle blouse, By Malene Birger bow detail top, Calzedonia tights, Geox leather boots

My favourite little leather jacket gets offset with romantic ruffles (and a shiny bow motif) in the final look from the shoot with Liselotte Fleur.


put a bow on it

Vintage Gianni Versace jacket, Ophelie hats bow headband, By Malene Birger top worn as skirt, Emilio Cavallini python tights, Cole Haan suede pumps, Blumarine leather gloves

Another look from the shoot with Liselotte Fleur. I wanted to balance the slightly-oversize double breasted jacket with a girly touch - provided by the bow headband. 


tangerine girly

Come des Garcons for H+M sheer ruffle sleeve blouse, vintage angora crochet dress and cardigan, Emilio Cavallini sheer mint stockings, Cole Haan suede pumps

Last year I was approached by a talented young photographer from Holland who was studying in Milan. I packed a few clothing pieces and met her at the Brera Art Academy. Shooting with her was a pleasure and I think she has a long and brilliant career ahead of her.

Below are two looks, more to come.

Photos by Liselotte Fleur.  http://www.liselottefleur.com